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Eric Otremba, PhD.

I’m a former Macalester and UCLA professor who now teaches and mentors high school students across the country.  

I’ve been tutoring students for many years, starting shortly after college, when I began working at a small school for low-income Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants. I then began a PhD program in history at the University of Minnesota, tutoring on the side during this time. After graduating with honors in 2012, I spent two years as a professor at Macalester College, followed by a year at UCLA.  

While being a professor was amazing, it also made me realize that my true passion lies with mentoring people one-on-one.  For this reason, I (mostly) left academia to become a full-time tutor and counselor for high school students. (I do continue to teach part-time at Pitzer college).

While I work with both short- and long-term clients, I take special pride in cultivating long-term relationships with students and their families. I’ve worked with some people for years, helping with a variety of academic subjects and college-readiness activities as they move through high school. When my students have good news to share (like a college acceptance letter), I’m often one of the first people they contact. I still receive texts and emails from former students, keeping me up to date with their college lives.   

While I teach several subjects, my overarching goal remains the same: to help students live more self-aware, meaningful lives. Knowing your school's subject material helps to get into college, but it's greater value lies in helping you become a mature, responsible adult.  

Click below to learn more about what I teach and my experiences in each area.

Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you soon!


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