What former clients say...



Eric worked with our son on history for two years. Instead of just teaching dates, time and events, Eric instilled the ability to think historically. He is excellent when it comes to help his students on how to write research papers, advance a clear argument, speak to alternate viewpoints and present compelling conclusions. Eric taught my child how to work with primary sources, how to communicate ideas and arguments clearly and convincingly. Of course, he is also very passionate and knowledgeable about US and EU and World history and/or any subjects related to history. We are very happy with Eric and will work him again in the future.   -- Liz,  

Eric has been my son's main English teacher/tutor for his entire high school experience.  He has been outstanding--Eric's understanding and mastery of the subjects he tutors are impressive; and he is committed to helping my son learn how to think critically and develop a lifelong relationship with learning.  Most impressively, Eric can connect with young adults and inspire their best learning process, which is a rare quality.  I would recommend Eric most highly and would be more than happy to discuss further.  - Morena


​I have never met such a responsible teacher like Eric before. When my son confirmed with his lesson, he immediately gave my son a great deal of help in assigning after-school study tasks. I believe my child can achieve the goal under his professional guidance in the future.  -- Rebecca  


Eric is a fantastic tutor - always punctual, well prepared for the lesson and positive. We are so lucky to find him. He helped my son, who was a Junior last school year, to prepare for the AP US History exam. He got a 5! Very pleased with the result. Thank you, Eric.   -- Anna  


I was struggling with AP US History until Eric started tutoring me. His patience, knowledge and skills helped me get over my biggest challenge, essay writing, in a short time! Does not matter what kind of questions I had, Eric ALWAYS answered without looking things up, and explained everything clearly. He is also willing to help with other types of questions such as multiple choice and short answer. Eric is super nice and amazing, definitely a strongly recommended tutor if anyone needs help with history!   -- Sann


My son was having a hard time writing essays and prepping for the ACT writing portion and ACT reading section. Eric helped him think critically and write better and gave helpful tips to speed by the reading section. He explains things, stays very positive and is encouraging. My son scored a 35 on his recent ACT exam. I highly recommend Eric as a tutor!   - Sharmila

My daughter and I met Eric for the first time and right off the bat we could tell he loves to teach. Eric is very patient and explained the material in a way my daughter was able to comprehend and made her feel comfortable, which was fantastic. He provided great tips in taking the English portion of the ACT. He also gave her extra handouts so she could practice on her own. I plan on using Eric again in the near future. Thanks Eric!   - Alyssa




Thanks for your support these past months.  We are all very excited about Karen’s admission results and feel fortunate to have been referred to you last spring. 

The college application process caused Karen to reflect on her life and talk about herself in a way that she has not done before, while at the same time learning a new writing style in a relatively short period of time.  Thanks for encouraging and guiding her in those efforts.  I suspect, the benefits of her work the past few months will extend far beyond filling out applications and securing a college acceptance and will be good preparation for a liberal arts education.  

Thanks again for your help and effort. As you can imagine, Karen is extremely happy with the outcome.  

-- Geoff and Michiko


Dear Eric,

I just got the letter from Vanderbilt, and I was admitted into its Peabody education program!!! I guess our whole excitement about the Stein college was kinda in vain. But I really appreciated your words about the presentation, these are some wise words..

Anyway, I feel kind of sad not to be able to meet with you every Wednesday anymore. I really enjoyed having those conversations with you. I could really resonate with you and felt understood when we discuss about the things I am interested in. I guess this is happiness: the transient feeling of being able to resonate between the words in which we incarnate our emotions and ideas. This is what I, and I guess all humans, would deem as meaningful.


The application process was absolutely demanding, but I also really cherish the time I shared with you! Thank you so much.   -- Andy

Before Eric, I was uncomfortable with college essays. Writing them would have been miserable without his help. He encouraged me to write what matters most to me, and guided me away from the pitfalls of reverse-reverse-reverse psychology as I tried to guess what admission officers want to read. He noticed small things in my remarks that I had no idea would work for a personal statement, and with his help that casual remark became an essay that resonates with me the most and still makes me smile. He helped me let go of the pretentious language I used to elevate my confidence, and taught me to be proud of my own voice instead. Most of all, Eric is funny and kind, and he became a friend I looked forward to talking to each Sunday amongst all the chaos of my senior year. Seek his help, you won’t regret it.   -- Cee

I like to say Eric is my good friend. As I worked on my essays with Eric, I found him a source of inspiration and a talented producer. In our weekly video calls we got to know each other well, making for good essay communication. Talking to him not only improved my English skills, but also opened my mind to dig more in depth. That’s very important! Eric is a person who can push you to think more about your self-identity. Take myself as an example: after I decided to use my fiction writings for a topic for my essays, he asked me three questions. Why? What? How? These questions are easy but hard to answer. I remembered that I wrote about 6 paragraphs to answer those questions. Then Eric helped me to combine my scrappy thoughts into a complete story. Eric is always full of passion and has a lot of fancy ideas. I see him as a romantic poet under realism. He loves everything in life. And trust me, you will love and be inspired by everything when working with him.   -- Lily