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Publications & Résumé

Below are copies of articles I have written for professional journals, as well as my dissertation. The top two discuss classroom pedagogy, in particular how to make history classes more interesting and engaging for students. The latter two come from my professorial days, and investigate historical connections between England's Scientific Revolution and that nation's concurrent expansion into slave-based imperialism.

"History of the Future: a Powerful way to Teach the Past (and Present)," The History Teacher (Forthcoming, Late 2020).

"A Case Against Facts: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Survey," The History Teacher 48, 1 (Nov, 2014).

"Inventing Ingenios: Experimental Philosophy and the Secret Sugar-makers of the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic," History and Technology 28,2 (June, 2012).

Enlightened Institutions: Science, Plantations, and Slavery in the English Atlantic, 1626-1700. Ph.D. Dissertation.

University of Minnesota, 2012.


Finally, for those interested, a full résumé of my past relevant work experiences is here:

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