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Eric Otremba, PhD

Writing Coach, Test Prep,

College Applications, Curriculum Consultant

"His patience, knowledge, and skills helped me tackle my biggest challenges."

About Me

I’m Eric and I work with high school students. My goal is to foster

them into reflective thinkers and engaged young adults.


Essay Writing

Help with all essay formats and

college personal statements.

College Counseling

Personalized plans to help you to

your dream school.

Test Prep

ACT, SAT, and all

AP history exams


Instruction in all literature and

social science classes

Curriculum Consulting

Helping homeschool parents develop the perfect class




"Eric worked with our son on history for two years. Instead of just teaching dates, time and events, Eric instilled the ability to think historically. He is excellent when it comes to helping his students on how to write research papers, advance a clear argument, speak to alternate viewpoints and present compelling conclusions. Eric taught my child how to work with primary sources, how to communicate ideas and arguments clearly and convincingly. Of course, he is also very passionate and knowledgeable about US and EU and World history and/or any subjects related to history. We are very happy with Eric and will work him again in the future."
- Liz

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